1A Glute Band Training
1A Glute Band ($20 Value)
  •  Great For Glute Activation and Resistance.
  •  Medium Resistance For Anyone under 200 lbs.
  •  Thick and soft elastic fabric for comfort ease.
  •  Does not roll up compared to latex resistance bands.
 Watch Glute Pump Video Below
1A Glute Band Training Database 
($47 Value)
  •  Instant access to over 40 glute exercise tutorial videos which includes: band barbell hip thrust, side-lying hip abduction, lateral band walk, and many more!
  •  Great for practicing form and technique using the 1A Glute Band at home or at the gym.
2-Week Glute Pump Challenge PDF 
($10 Value)
  •  Instant access to the 2-Week Glute Pump Challenge PDF programmed by Coach Ben Z to get you quickly started.
Total Retail Value = $77
FREE For A Limited Time Only
Just Pay $9.97 S&H For Your 1A Glute Band
If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with my program, just email support at team@1afitstore.com and ask for a full, hassle-free refund. 

However, before you ask for a full refund, shoot me a message on Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions or issues about my training courses and I will gladly help you.
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