The Science of Core Training
The Science of Core Training eBook ($37 Value)
  •  The 3 Primary Functions of The Core Important For Athletes To Understand And Apply In Their Sport-Specific Training such as CrossFit or Mixed Martial Arts (Pg.3)
  •  Coach Ben Z's 3-Step "Warm-Up" Process specific for core activation (Pg.4)
  •  Understanding Pain Science and Mythbusting Beliefs Associated With Lower Back Pain And Ways To Improve It Based On The Latest Research (Pg.8)
  •  Get A List Of More Than 70 Targeted Core Isolation Exercises which includes:  Anti-Extension Exercises, Hip Flexion Exercises, and many more! (Pg.12)
  •  Esoteric topics such as breathing, loaded spinal flexion, and neck exercises that are often ignored, but are important with training (Pg.16)
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The Science of Core Training Workshop Video ($197 Value)
Over 3 hours of live recording filmed at Pasadena Strength & Conditioning in Pasadena, California of Coach Ben Z teaching in-depth, step-by-step through The Science of Core Training eBook to give you an inside look of the clear foundation and understanding on:

Demonstrating his exclusive 3-step "Warm-Up" process specific for core activation and group demonstrations of all the Targeted Core Isolation Exercises found in the eBook.
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However, before you ask for a full refund, shoot me a message on Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions or issues about my training courses and I will gladly help you.
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