The Science of Glute Training
The Science of Glute Training eBook ($37 Value)
  •  Discover the 12 important reasons for proper function and movement of the gluteal muscles (Pg.4)
  •  Understand the details of the gluteal muscles anatomy and its primary functions (Pg.6)
  •  Learn how to apply Coach Ben Z's 3-step "Warm-Up" process to properly activate your glutes (Pg.8)
  •  Learn how to program your workout for hypertrophy (muscle gains) (Pg.14)
  •  Discover the 3 main types for glute exercises (Pg.17)
  •  Get a list of more than 80 Target Glute Isolation Exercises (Pg.19)
  •  Discover the 8 concepts for hypertrophy and why these simple concepts can make a BIG difference (Pg.21)
  •  Get an in-depth explanation of sports performance and injury prevention (Pg.27)
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The Science of Glute Training Workshop Video ($197 Value)
Over 3 hours of live recording filmed at Pasadena Strength & Conditioning in Pasadena, California of Coach Ben Z teaching in-depth, step-by-step through The Science of Glute Training eBook to give you an inside look of the clear foundation and understanding on: 

How to properly activate the glutes using his exclusive 3-step "Warm-Up" process, how to maximize glute development and strength for hypertrophy and sports performance, and group demonstrations of all the glute exercises found in the eBook.
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